Vietnam’s Perceptions and Strategies toward China’s Belt and Road Initiative Expansion

Vietnams Perceptions and Strategies towardAbstract

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which was launched by Xi Jinping in 2013 seemingly draws a great picture of mutual development with a lot of promises in term of financial and technological supports to infrastructure development projects in a large number of countries. Such promises sound good to many countries including Vietnam, a developing country who is in its capital thirst. However, Vietnam’s reaction to this Initiative in particular and to China’s strategic intentions in general is not easy to understand. Vietnam’s perceptions on the BRI have varied across many different social spectra. Based on those common understandings, Vietnam’s strategies toward China and its BRI are a mixture of seemingly contradictory policies which show either their supports (bandwagonig strategy) or denials (balancing strategy) or both simultaneously. However, it is in fact hedging strategy which is a flexible combination of both bandwagoning and balancing strategies is working comprehensively in various spheres.

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