Building the New Silk Road

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SCSC - More than two thousand years ago, China's Han Dynasty launched the Silk Road, a sprawling network of commerce that linked South and Central Asia with the Middle East and Europe.
Today, the idea of a "New Silk Road”, an intertwined set of economic integration initiatives seeking to link East and Central Asia, has taken hold in the United States and China—for very different reasons. [READ MORE]

Limits in the Seas No. 143 China: Maritime Claims in the South China Sea

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SCSC - This study is one of a series issued by the Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs in the Department of State. The purpose of the series is to examine a coastal State’s maritime claims and/or boundaries and assess their consistency with international law. This study represents the views of the United States Government only on the specific matters discussed therein and does not necessarily reflect an acceptance of the limits claimed. [READ MORE]

The South China Sea: Assessing U.S. Policy and Options for the Future

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SCSC - The aim of this report is to propose additional policy options that the United States might pursue in the South China Sea. To this end it provides a detailed recounting of existing U.S. policy toward the South China Sea.

It concludes by recommending additional policy approaches aimed toward generating a more peaceful, stable, nonconfrontational, law abiding environment in the South China Sea. Along the way it will address the U.S. interests that are involved in the South China Sea. [READ MORE]

A new ara in U.S.-Vietnam relations

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SCSC - In the words of Secretary of State John Kerry, no two countries "have worked harder, done more, and done better to try to bring themselves together and change history and change the future" than the United States and Vietnam.

Since the normalization of diplomatic ties in 1995, U.S.-Vietnam relations have taken giant steps forward in nearly every area, from political and economic cooperation to expanding military and cultural ties. [READ MORE]

Perspectives on the South China Sea

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SCSC - The South China Sea is arguably one of the world’s most dangerous regions, with conflicting diplomatic, legal, and security claims by major and mid - level powers. To assess these disputes, CSIS brought together an international group of experts—from Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

This volume gathers these experts’ analyses to provide a diverse and wide - ranging set of perspectives on the region and to explore possibilities for future cooperation. [READ MORE]


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On May 14th 2014, Viet Nam’s Nguyen Dynasty Official Documents were recognized as a Memory of the World for Asia - Pacific. This decision was made at the 2nd session of the 6th plenum of the Memory of the World Committee for Asia - Pacific (MOWCAP), which took place in Guangzhou, China with the participation of 54 delegates from 17 countries. With outstanding features in terms of contents, formats and styles, the “Nguyen Dynasty Official Documents” were nominated among 20 documents to be recognized by UNESCO as a “Memory of the World for Asia - Pacific”.

On July 30th 2014, Hanoi held a ceremony upon receiving the certificate of the “Memory of the World for Asia - Pacific” recognized by UNESCO for Viet Nam’s Nguyen Dynasty Official Documents.


The South China Sea: Waves of trouble

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SCSC - The rocks and coral known as James Shoal are not much: just a raised stretch of seabed 22 metres (72 feet) below the surface and 107km (67 miles) off the coast of Malaysian Borneo.

Yet China, 1,500km to the north, regards it as the southernmost point of its territory, at the base of a vast U - shaped swathe of the South China Sea, demarcated by a “nine - dash line” on maps that now appear even in Chinese passports. [READ MORE]

Keeping the South China Sea in Perspective

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SCSC - The United States seeks to promote Asia - Pacific economic interdependence and dynamism and to mitigate security tensions in the region.

Unfortunately, maritime territorial disputes in the East China Sea and the South China Sea increasingly threaten these dual objectives of U.S. - Asia policy. This policy brief focuses on the South China Sea set of issues. [READ MORE]

Nguyen Dynasty's official documents concerning VN's sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands

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Newly discovered documents reaffirming Vietnam's sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands

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The bully in the East Sea

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