Sea and islands under the Nguyen Lords Reign and Notes about the Hoang Sa (Paracel) Archipelago

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SCSC - Since the ancient time, Vietnamese feudal dynasties placed high on the agenda the formulation of strategies for sea and islands defence and for exploitation - management of the East Sea, including the two Archipelagos of Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly).

Numerous relics, documents, royal documents and historical narratives related to Hoang Sa and Truong Sa have been recorded during that long history, particularly the time of Nguyen Lords and Nguyen Kings.


Maritime territorial and Exclusive Economic Zone disputes involving China

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SCSC - Early August, the Congressional Research Service issued a report mentionting maritime territorial and Exclusive Economic Zone disputes involving China in the South China Sea and East China Sea, written by Ronald O'Rourke, Specialist in Naval Affairs. [READ MORE]

US Senate resolution for the peaceful resolution of maritime disputes in Asia-Pacific

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SCSC - Reaffirming the strong support of the United States for the peaceful resolution of territorial, sovereignty, and jurisdictional disputes in the Asia-Pacific maritime domains.

Whereas the maritime domain of the Asia-Pacific region includes critical sea lines of communication and commerce between the Pacific and Indian oceans; [READ MORE]


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SCSC - On November 30, 2012, Beijing used fishing boats to cut cables of the Vietnamese ship named Binh Minh 02 within Vietnam's continental shelf. In order to argue for their wrongdoing, "Global Times" a supplement of the People’s Daily newspaper on December 5, 2012 published an article entitled "It is a must to increase level of risk over Vietnam’s oil and gas exploration inside the nine-dotted line," claiming that “Vietnam has become addicted to stealing" and "Vietnam often relies on pressure of the international community to force China to retreat."

Meanwhile, in Beijing on the same day, that very newspaper posed such question as, "The fact that Viet Nam is stealing oil, is it a big trouble in the South China Sea?" in order to consult readers and later quoted a view that "it is needed to beat Vietnam in the head".


The Sino-Philippine Maritime Row: International Arbitration and the South China Sea

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On January 22, 2013, the Philippines shook up decades of stagnation in discussions with China over their territorial disputes in the South China Sea – known as the West Philippine Sea in Manila – by initiating an international arbitration process under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) over recent Chinese actions

These disputes concern sovereignty over the Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal and the rich maritime resources around them. [READ MORE]

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